Loss ratios - the all-important statistic for any insurer.


And it's not just the big claims you need to worry about; too many smaller claims can also add up to produce poor results. Controlling claims expenses is one of the most important functions of the company.


Do your claims personnel know how to deal with the different types of claims, can they advise clients accordingly? Do they follow up on missing information, do they report back to the client, brokers and reinsurers?


Do you have service level agreements with your service providers? Have you negotiated discount for quick settlement?


Do your assessors understand the products you are selling? Do they know how and when to apply average? Are they versed in proper etiquette?     


Let us look at your claim forms, checklists and procedures for each type of claim. And let us help you assess the action required to ensure the department is running at its maximum capability.


Efficient action results in positive feedback - your clients' happiness should be your chief concern.




  • Claim Forms
  • Assessor reports
  • Checklists



  • Procedures Manuals
  • Assessor's recommendations
  • Post claim surveys
  • Mandates



  • Salvage
  • Recoveries
  • Stolen vehicles
  • Diaries



  • Claims capturing
  • Reporting
  • System-generated documentation
  • Ease of use