Reinsurance is an integral part of every insurance operation, yet one of the least properly understood.


Let us help you ensure that you are properly protected, that you are using the right reinsurance for the right products, that your reinsurers are giving you the best value.


We will analyse your placements, your commissions, your recoveries and your creditor's list and help you find the right balance between exposure and income. No more worrying about whether you are covered in the case of a catastrophe.


We can also assist with your Global Programmes - with over 15 years experience in the field, we can guide your team with regard to their activities involving international clients and brokers.


Protecting your balance sheets, protecting your company, protecting your world.




  • Quote requests
  • Placement slips
  • Policy Wordings vs Reinsurer wordings
  • Limits and Exceptions



  • When to request RI
  • Who to ask for specific insurance types
  • Holding covered and time on risk
  • RI broker vs Direct?



  • How your system caters for RI
  • RI reports
  • Recoveries