This is the backbone of the company – your window to the world.


We look at every facet of underwriting management - from proposal to placement.


Our main purpose here is to analyse your underwriting model. We will look at the way you do things. We look at whether it is possible to do things better and we work with your team to improve the way you do them, where necessary.


We look at your systems, reporting and placement procedures. We check your proposal forms, policy schedules and wordings. We will look at your debtors book and assist in defining or reinforcing collection procedures.


Are you carrying out risk surveys? If so, do your surveyors know what to look for? For certain types of risk it is essential to  perform regular surveys. Let us assist you in identifying the risks on your books that require extra attention.


Your system is a vital part of your administration - it needs to be able to produce proper schedules, excellent reports and interface with your Reinsurance, Claims and Finance modules. We will help you determine if your current system adequately meets your requirements




• Proposal Forms
• Policy Wordings
• Policy Schedules
• Checklists


• Procedures Manuals
• Pre-insurance surveys
• Rating guides
• Mandates


• Suitability of the current system
• Adequacy of reporting
• Backups
• Interfacing with RI and Finance

• Debtor's reports
• Collection procedures
• Handling of Bad Debt